Introduction to recording

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Surveying on the River Chelmer

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Introduction to biological recording

Recording what species are present in Essex is vitally important for the management and conservation of wildlife rich areas. Monitoring important habitat features and the presence of species in a habitat allows us to identify areas in need of management and ensure that the management techniques being used are benefiting wildlife.

A biological record consists of a minimum of the "4 W's":

WHO                        made the observation?

WHAT                      species did they see?

WHERE                   did they see it?

WHEN                    was the observation made?


Report a sighting

Do you know of any birds, mammals, veteran trees or interesting plants in your area? We are interested in hearing about the species in your local area, whether they are rare or not. You can send us records by:

  • Submit records using our online forms to submit a single sighting, a number of sightings at the same place. Registration is required to submit records, please use the link above to register.
  • Alternatively, a recording form and guidelines can be downloaded below. Please use the guidance notes as a reference when filling out the species recording form, and save a copy of this form to print or fill in to send us if you collect records on a regular basis. Please send your records to us by emailing
  • We can also accept records as Mapmate database (sync) files, or in other formats. If you would like to use Mapmate or wish to submit records in another format please contact us.

We also run a number of species and habitat surveys throughout the year. If you would like to find out more click here.

Essex Wildlife Trust encourages the sharing of species and habitat data to assist in promoting evidence-based conservation. We are currently working to share data with other organisations in Essex and to increase the availability of data across the county. Species and habitat data held by Essex Wildlife Trust will be shared with our partner organisations according to our Terms and Conditions of Use. By sending us records you are giving consent for your data to be used in this way.

If you would like to record sightings on one of our reserves please click here for more information. Please be aware that if you are recording on private land you will need the permission of the landowner to do so (even if you are recording from a public right of way).

If you have any queries about data sharing please contact Lorna Shaw, Biological Records Centre Coordinator.