Barn Owl Monitoring Project

Barn Owl Monitoring Project

The Essex Barn Owl Conservation Project is a self-sustaining project which was established by Essex Wildlife Trust in Spring 2013 with the aim of reversing the dramatic decline of wild Barn Owl populations in Essex.

This project engages over forty volunteers in a variety of roles and works with a wide range of private, public and commercial landowners across Essex.

The project is designed to tackle the loss of suitable hunting and breeding habitat for Barn Owls by providing advice on habitat management and installing nest boxes whilst also carrying out on-going monitoring of nest sites to determine the project’s success.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, including how to get involved or how to sponsor a nest box, please contact

Report a barn owl sighting!


Training Required?                  Yes - Provided by Essex Wildlife Trust (monitors and advisers only)

Skills needed?                          None - training provided

Equipment needed?                None - equipment provided


Click here for the 2014 report on the State of the UK's Barn Owl Population, collated by the Barn Owl Trust.


Barn Owl in Birch Living Landscape (Peter Bowden)