Grasslands – Management, Surveying & Monitoring

There is an urgent need to monitor the wildlife value of grasslands and assess how they can be managed effectively. Grasslands are a priority habitat due to their fragility within succession - if left unmanaged they will quickly disappear. If they are not managed properly they will change their characteristics and the biodiversity on a site will decline very quickly.

It has been recognised that certain species indicate floristic diversity whilst others indicate a positive or negative effect of management and these key species could be used to monitor the condition of important sites.


Grasslands can be found in a variety of different sites, from churchyards to special roadside verges to gardens and grazing pasture, and the site will influence what species you are likely to see, and how the site needs to be managed. if you are interested in finding out more about these often overlooked habitats, please contact us for details.


Training required?                       Yes - identification courses and survey training provided by Essex Wildlife Trust


Skills needed?                              Botanical ID skills useful


Equipment needed?                   No - ID books useful but other equipment provided


Grassland surveying