Coastal Wardens and Shoresearch

Essex has arguably the longest coastline of any county in England, and much of the wildlife around our coastal and marine habitats is under-recorded. Yet our seas are one of the most important resources we have here in the UK.

The Wildlife Trusts throughout the UK are united in their vision of ‘Living Seas’. Our ambition is to lead the way towards a healthy, productive and wildlife rich future for the UK coasts and seas. You can help us by recording the wildlife you see as you walk around the Essex coast, whether it is an inquisitive seal, a periwinkle or a shore crab. The silty waters around our coasts are not the easiest to see through, but once you start looking you will be amazed at the diversity of wildlife that is present just beneath the waves.

Find out more about Living Seas

Please click here for our "Introduction to Shoresearch and the Coastal Wardens scheme" presentation.

Our Living Seas officer works with the Blackwater Oystermen and Essex University to gather information about the native oyster in the Blackwater Estuary. Click here to find out how.


To find out more about becoming a coastal warden please contact Or use our Intertidal Recording Form to tell us about your sightings (login required)! Alternatively please send in records via email to or to the address below.