The East of England regional Standard Minimum Service for data provision

A new regional standardised enquiry service aimed at environmental consultants was launched by the East of England Local Environmental Record Centres (LERCs) at the start of April 2011. One of three projects to come out of the Natural England Review of LERCs in the East of England, the service covers Bedfordshire & Luton, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, and the Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre.

The Standard Data Enquiry Service:

  • Includes records of species of conservation concern.
  • Includes a map of statutory and non-statutory site boundaries
  • Does not incur a charge if no records are found
  • Is completed within 10 working days (usually sooner)
  • Includes the most recent data held by the LERC, with a metadata statement (information about the data itself) available on each LERC website.
  • Presents information in user-specified format.
  • Provides records from the adjacent county (within the region) with no further charge if the search area spans the boundary of two LERCs in the East of England region.

Please see the Standard Minimum Service Summary below for further details. Data provided by Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre meets the Standard Minimum Service requirements.