Information for Not-For-Profit Organisations

We do not ordinarily charge for data requests from not-for-profit organisations, however we may not have the resources to process all requests for data from not for profit organisations. If you are intending to put in a funding bid for a project that is likely to involve the use or provision of our data, we advise that you contact us beforehand, and factor the costs of extracting data for the project into the bid in order to ensure that we have the resources necessary to support the project.

We will endeavour to respond to all requests so please contact us if you have a data query or project proposal.

If you hold data for Essex that you are able to share we can make our data available to you via a data exchange agreement. Partner recording organisations with a current data exchange agreement are able to:

  • Access our datasets and services free of charge in exchange for sharing data with us
  • Create local group pages and customised online recording forms for their surveys
  • Get help with surveying and project work
  • Have access to digitised records from all our partner organisations
  • Access full Local Wildlife Sites information online

Please contact us for more details about data exchange agreements.

A list of our current partner organisations can be found here.