River Corridor Features

Essex Wildlife Trust, Essex Biodiversity Project and the Environment Agency have been working in partnership to share information about Essex rivers. The aims of this work are to deliver projects aimed at improving the condition of our watercourses and meeting the requirement for our rivers to be in "Good Ecological Status" by 2027, set out by the Water Framework Directive. As part of this work Essex Wildlife Trust and Essex Biodiversity Project have carried out a series of river walkover surveys to assess the condition of our rivers, map key features, and identify potential projects to restore and improve catchments.

The results of this work have been mapped, and summary data from the walkover surveys, along with details of project work are available on the Essex Rivers Hub. Detailed data on species and habitat information is also available via Essex Wildlife Trust Records Centre. This data includes:

  • Summary data on each 500m stretch of river surveyed, with details of substrate, river characteristics, surrounding land use and key features
  • Detailed point data on natural and artificial features of each section, at 10m resolution or less.
  • Species data collected during the surveys, including protected species and invasive species records.

Data is available as ArcGIS shapefiles or in other formats as required. Please contact us for more details.


Example river corridor features