Special Roadside Verges

Special Roadside Verges (otherwise known as Roadside Nature Reserves) are often remnants of old hay meadows and are recognised for their floristic diversity.

The Special Roadside Verges database for Essex is held and maintained by Essex Wildlife Trust Records Centre. Volunteer surveyors co-ordinated by Essex Wildlife Trust survey the verges on an annual basis. 

Data on Special Roadside Verges is supplied as ArcGIS line Shapefiles with associated verge details. Data in other formats, and data on individual verges is available from us on request.

Please note that Essex Wildlife Trust is not responsible for verge maintenance, as this is the responsibility of Essex Highways. If you are concerned about the condition of a Special Roadside Verge or wish to report a problem please visit the Essex County Council website.

Special Roadside Verges example (click to enlarge)