Riversearch Otter and Water Vole Surveys

Otter. Photo: Roger Hance

The Riversearch otter and water vole survey was set up in 2007 as part of the Essex Water Vole Recorvery Project, and has trained over 200 volunteer surveyors to search for Otters, Water Voles, Water Shrews and Harvest Mice. Training courses are held throughout the year and are open to everyone, regardless of previous experience or knowledge.

The Essex Water Vole Recovery Project is a Water for Wildlife initiative. Water for Wildlife is a partnership of The Wildlife Trusts, Environment Agency, Water Companies and other local partners, dedicated to providing a consistent, targeted approach to all types of wetland conservation. One of the main aims of the project in Essex is to bring Water Voles back to our streams and rivers after twenty years of decline.

For more information about Riversearch please visit the Essex Wildlife Trust Water For Wildlife information page, or email RiverW@essexwt.org.uk to get involved. Riversearch survey forms and reports are available to download here, or alternatively contact us for hard copies. Trained Riversearch surveyors are also able to enter their survey results online using our new online Riversearch survey form. Note: this form is available to registered users with Riversearch access permissions only. If you are a trained Riversearch surveyor for Essex and would like access to the online recording form, please register as a user and email records@essexwt.org.uk to request access to the Riversearch forms.

Training Required?                  Yes -  for otter and water vole surveys (Provided by Essex Wildlife Trust)

Skills needed?                         Driving license may be useful

Equipment needed?                No