New moth species recorded at Marks Hill Wood

Merveille du Jour (left), Black Rustic and Satellite moths at Marks Hill Wood. Photo: Peter Furze.

A recent moth trapping session by Basildon Natural History Society at Essex Wildlife Trust's Marks Hill Nature Reserve uncovered two new species for the reserve, including one which had been searched for since 2009!

The Merveille du Jour is a particularly beautiful woodland species that, although fairly widespread, is thinly scattered and not easily detected. A Black Rustic also arrived to add another new species to the list. Marks Hill Wood is an EWT-owned site on Langdon, managed by the Basildon Natural History Society, which have been operating four-weekly moth monitoring surveys since 2009 in the wood.

Thanks to Rod Cole, Peter Furze and Basildon Natural History Society for their photos and report.