Local Environmental Records Centres (LERCs)

East of England region:

Essex Wildlife Trust works with neighbouring records centres in the East of England region to share best practice and standardise procedures where possible across the region. The following records centres work with Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre to share information and resources:

We were involved in the development of the Standard Minimum Service for data provision in the East of England Region, and continue to work with records centres in the region to improve and standardise our services, and to share examples of good practice.

The regional Code of Conduct for Eastern region Local Environmental Records Centres was developed in 2011 to provide a standard for data handling and use across the region. This covers validation, verification and data handling procedures that are to be expected of records centres in the East of England. The latest version can be accessed here.


Neighbouring Records Centres outside the East of England region:

Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) is the Biological Records Centre for London.