Historic coastal surveys of the Blackwater and Colne Estuary

Essex Wildlife Trust was awarded funding from Natural England in early 2015 to digitise Essex coastal data for the Blackwater and Colne Estuary, collected by the National Rivers Authority in the 1990s. This data consisted of sketch maps, photographs and botanical surveys that were part of a detailed survey of the Essex Coast.

Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre has digitised this historic data and uploaded it to the National Biodiversity Network Gateway. The dataset consists of over 1400 records of priority saltmarsh plants recorded around the Estuary. Following the closure of the Gateway these datasets are now available to access via the NBN Atlas under a CC-BY-NC License (Creative Commons, with Attribution, Non-commercial v4.0).

To access more information about these datasets via the NBN Atlas click here.

If you require these datasets in a different format, or would like permission to use this data for commercial purposes please contact us.

Coastal survey data on the NBN gateway - click to enlarge
A sample map and photograph from the original coastal surveys