Living Landscapes and Living Seas

Living Landscapes and Living Seas are part of a vision shared by all 47 Wildlife Trusts in the UK and by the UK government as outlined in the Natural Environment White Paper.

The Living Landscapes vision is to restore, recreate and reconnect our wildlife habitats including SSSIs, Local Wildlife Sites and Nature Reserves, so that the species living within them can move through the landscape more easily, and continue to survive and thrive long into the future. Living Landscapes is not purely focused on wildlife, as we are looking to improve links within the community and promote local economies so that everyone can benefit from the scheme.

The Wildlife Trust’s throughout the UK are united in their vision of ‘Living Seas’ our ambition is to lead the way towards a healthy, productive and wildlife rich future for the UK coasts and seas.

Essex Wildlife Trust has mapped more than 80 Living Landscapes within the county where we are hoping to work over the next decade. Boundary data for Living Landscapes in Essex is available from Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre as ArcGIS polygon files with associated site information. Individual site maps are also available, please contact us for details or to request boundary data. Living Landscapes boundary data can be provided free of charge to organisations with a service level agreement with us, for details please click here. Living Seas priority areas have also been identified, please contact us for more information.

For more information on Living Landscapes please click here.

For more information on Living Seas please click here.

Essex Wildlife Trust Living Landscapes areas - click to enlarge