Survey Resources - Coastal Habitats

Alien Invaders in Estuaries: A guide to Invasive Non Native species

To learn more about how you can help stop the spread of invasive species in our estuaries please take a look at this leaflet, which has been developed for estuaries in France, The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK by the European project 'SE-FINS'.

Not all the species featured here are currently found in Essex estuaries, but this guide contains useful information on how to recognise invasive species and prevent them from spreading.

Intertidal survey guidance notes

Guidance on coastal and intertidal surveying using a number of different survey techniques.

Marine check clean dry advice

Mature Saltmarsh and Atlantic Saltmeadows

Salicornia and Colonising Annuals

Shoreline identification guide

A photo guide to intertidal species found along the Essex Coast, including an intertidal recording form.

Shoresearch Intertidal Biotope Transect Form

Intertidal Biotope Transect Survey Form, designed to record all biotopes on a straight line transect perpendicular to the shoreline from cliff base to LW. This form is designed for use by survey leaders.

Shoresearch Intertidal Transect Form

A form to record shore zones on a transect perpendicular to the shoreline from cliff base/HW to LW. This form has been designed for use by volunteers.

Shoresearch Quadrat Survey Form

A shoresearch recording form for 1m Quadrat Intertidal Surveys.

Shoresearch Timed Species Search Form

A Shoresearch form for timed species searches, designed to be used search for and record particular target species.

Shoresearch Walkover Form

A Shoresearch recording form for walkover biodiversity surveys.