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Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre can provide a range of data provision services to suit your requirements. If you require more detailed information or have a request that is not covered by the services below please contact us.

Data searches for consultants: Please complete the data search request form below and send it to us for a quote. All data search queries should be directed to or 01621 862999. We work with other records centres in the East of England to standardise our services and run cross boundary data searches where necessary. Our Pricing Policy and standard charges can be accessed below. For more information on our data search service please click here.

Please note that there is no one source of protected species information in Essex, and all available sources of data should be consulted to obtain a comprehensive dataset for your area. For other sources of records in Essex please click here.

For details of data that we hold please see our metadata statement. More information on our partner organisations can be found here.

Orchard Surveyors wanted!

Orchard at Abbotts Hall Farm. Photo: Essex Wildlife Trust
Orchards East Logo

Orchards East are looking for voluntary orchard surveyors to help with parish and district surveys of historc orchard sites across Essex! For more information contact the Orchards East project manager Howard Jones on 07854 701363, or email

Orchards East is an HLF funded project to build on the work of the Suffolk Traditional Orchards Group (STOG), to survey orchards and improve the understanding of traditional orchard management and history. The regional project covers Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, and Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre has been involved in the initial mapping of historic orchard sites from the Second Edition Ordnance Survey map from 1888. Now volunteer surveyors are needed to check on the status of these historic orchard sites in Essex, and to map new orchards in each parish.

If you can spare a couple of hours to survey a local parish, or want to find out more please contact Orchards East for details, or for more information about the project visit the Orchards East website:

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